Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


So this is my version of Tsutomu Nihei's version of Wolverine.

Kory, I tried to apply the order that you taught me yesterday I started with basic shapes, then fleshed it out from there which was kind of hard since most of it is a really dark leather jacket that somehow morphs into some sort of glove... I dunno.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

New Sketchbook!

So after a year of several half-hearted attempts to "start getting serious about practicing" I finally finished my first sketchbook... well mostly...

Now I have a brand new spankin' sketchbook and decided this time around to start in the back so by the time I get to the front and people open it up they'll be like "Wha-? Man I didn't know you were so dang good at drawing!"

Two more pages of comic book copying... for the record though... as retarded as my wolverine is... its not far off of what the actual picture looked like... not my favorite portrayal of one of the coolest comic book characters ever.

Mimicry: The highest form of flattery.

So Kory lent me a bunch of comic books and now I'm attempting to copy all sorts of stuff out of them do get a better feel for drawing. Trying to copy other artists so I can practice, I guess... and find my own style... maybe... and... uh... ummmm.... why am I doing this again?

Anyway, the army men guys were from one that Kory said reminded him of something I would draw... if I could, so I figured I'd start there and the other page is just me messing around.

Dead Animals!

I went to the Bean Museum ... that might not be correct spelling... and there are a lot of dead animals there! Perfect! A lot easier than attempting to draw at the zoo, which pretty much the only people who will see this do all the time! I found drawing animals with more hair or fur was harder because it wasn't as easy to see their basic shapes... which is why there aren't any lions or tigers or moosen in this post.

Still Life

I'm not really sure what still life is actually... but this was me drawing pictures of pictures... which to me sounds like the same thing and its a lot easier than drawing people on campus or at the mall... the problem here is I got distracted by the clothing since I had more time and drew outlines instead of basic shapes.

Real Life

These two pages were me trying to practice drawing real people in real time... Its hard... people move a lot! What's wrong with everyone?! How come no one can just sit still!?


I've been trying to focus on important skills and essential points of drawing like basic line and shapes and figure drawing but sometimes when I'm zoned out I just like to... free style... because doodling just sounds kind of retarded.